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Painted Themselves Into A Corner

| Romantic | April 28, 2014

(My boyfriend loves painting people, as in painting ON people, but I have yet to let him work on me because I don’t want to be still that long. We’re staying at his brother’s house for a few days before an overseas vacation with his family.)

Boyfriend: “Please let me paint you?”

Me: “No. I don’t want to stay still that long.”

Boyfriend: “I’ll do something little. It won’t take that long.”

Me: “No. Go paint [Brother].”

Boyfriend: “I already did!”

(As if on cue, his brother walks past and I can see a sunset painted on his back.)

Me: “Then go paint [Brother’s Wife]!”

Boyfriend: “I did.”

Me: “[Niece]?”

Boyfriend: “Yep.”

Me: “[Other Brother]?”

Boyfriend: “It’s safe to say that I’ve painted everyone in this house except for you. You’re the sole survivor. This is the end!”

(He pins me down and starts painting my shoulder. I have to admit that it came out pretty nicely.)