Paging Manager To Checkout Catch-22

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(I live in a somewhat isolated rural area, so we only get pomegranates for sale for about one week before Christmas. When they come out this year I pick up a half-dozen with the rest of my shopping and bring it all up to cash. As the cashier picks up my pomegranates…)

Cashier: “What are these?”

Me: “Pomegranates.”

Cashier: “Where did you get those?”

Me: “From the bin over there. I was excited to see them so early this year.”

Cashier: “Where? We don’t sell these!”

Me: “The sign said they were $8.99/kg.”

Cashier: “No, we don’t sell these! I don’t know where you got them from, but you can’t have them in here. We don’t have any here!”

Me: “So, can I have them back, then?”

Cashier: “What? No!”

Me: “Well, if you don’t sell them here I must have brought them in with me, so can I have them back?”

(I am planning on bringing them to the lotto desk and trying to buy them there.)

Cashier: “What kind of a scam is that? You can’t just take them; you have to pay for stuff!”

Me: “So, can you ring them up, then?”

Cashier: “NO! We don’t sell them here. You can’t just bring your own stuff in to buy!”

Me: “You think I’m scamming you by bringing my own groceries to the store to buy them from you?”

Cashier: “Yes! That’s not allowed!”

(Sadly, the whole interaction stressed me out enough that I left with the rest of my groceries, and when I next went shopping there were no more pomegranates. Fingers crossed for next year!)

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