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It’s Becoming A Regular Problem, Part 2

, , , | Right | December 29, 2020

A customer comes up to my counter with a coupon that says, “Free burger with the purchase of ANY SIZE fry and drink.

Customer: “I’ll have this.”

Me: “Sure, what size fry and drink?”

Customer: “Whatever it comes with.”

Me: “It comes with any size.”

Customer: “The regular one.”

People tell me “regular” a lot. We don’t have a “regular” size, so I usually give them a medium.

Me: “Medium, then?”


Me: “It comes with any size, sir. Please don’t yell.”


I’m ringing him up for a medium when my manager takes over and finishes up for me. I start bagging food instead and I’m pretty sure I hear her tell the customer off for yelling. Thanks, manager. Later, I give the man his food.

Customer: *Taking his food* “Thank you, and I’d like to apologize for yelling. That was inappropriate.”

Me: “Oh, thanks?”

The customer leaves.

Manager: “He’ll be back in here again in a week and do the same thing.”

He was yelling at someone else when I came in the next week.

It’s Becoming A Regular Problem

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Another Day, Another Airhead

, , , , , | Working | December 31, 2020

I work at a pharmacy. I’m on the phone with an employee from another pharmacy to get a document regarding one of our mutual patients faxed across.

Employee: “What’s your fax number?”

Me: “Do you have your pen handy?”

Employee: “Sure, do! I always have two things in my hand. One is my pen.”

Me: “Uh, okay, so—”

Employee: “The other is air, just in case you were wondering.”

Me: *Laughing* “I wasn’t gonna go there, but thanks for clarifying!”

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Watch Yourself!  

, , , , | Right | December 26, 2020

It is the day after Christmas. All day, we’ve been having nothing but no-receipt returns — gifts from Christmas. It has been pretty stressful because people don’t like that, without a receipt, we have to give them back the lowest price within thirty days.

I get a customer at the fine jewelry counter and she seems very nice AND has the receipt! I am overwhelmed with happiness because I figure this will be an easy return.

However, her husband removed the tag on the item. Usually, we cannot return fine jewelry items if the tag has been removed. Since she has the receipt and seems nice, I decide to help anyway. Her husband purchased a watch and presumably the battery is dead because it isn’t working. She asks if we can fix it for her. The exchange goes like this.

Customer: “I would like to know if I can get my watch fixed.” 

Me: “Well, unfortunately, we do not have the ability to fix the item in store. We don’t even have batteries here. We would have to ship the item to our repair shop to be fixed. Would you like to check to see if we have another one and do an exchange, instead?” 

Customer: “Sure, we can do that.”

I check and we do not have the same item because it was on clearance. I explain that I could order her another one, but we would have to return the other one because we can’t return and order in the same transaction. She declines, stating that it was on her husband’s card and it was a gift that she’d rather not return.

I go to start digging around on the computer to check another location for the watch. She is getting frustrated now.

Customer: “I just don’t understand how you can sell me a faulty watch and not try to fix the situation! This is crazy.” 

I am taken aback by this, because for about ten minutes I have been trying to help her and fix the situation.

Me: “Ma’am, I am trying to fix it. I’ve given you some options and am still trying to work it out for you.”

Customer: “You haven’t given me any options!” 

I am frustrated now, too.

Me: “Ma’am, what would you like me to do? You don’t want to return the item and we can’t fix it. Would you like to see if there is another watch we could exchange it for? Technically, I’m not even supposed to take the item at all since the tag has been removed.”

Customer: “I guess.”

I let her look for a moment while I check out another customer. The other customer gives me the “I’m sorry you’re having to deal with this” eyes. I shrug a little. I go back to help the first customer.

Me: “See any you like?” 

Customer: “I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life! You’re a customer service rep and you were screaming at me across the counter in front of other customers!” 

Me: “I did not scream at you, ma’am.” 

Customer: “Yes, you did! I can tell you one thing; I’m never shopping here again.”

Me: *Sarcastic now* “Well, I’m very sorry to hear that, ma’am.” 

She picks a watch that isn’t on clearance, so there is around a $60 difference in price. Not wanting to deal with telling her she’ll have to pay the difference, I call a manager over after telling the customer that I need help with the transaction.

I help a few other customers while waiting and get caught up with one of them. I see the lady walking out the door. I ask my manager what happened. She basically told the customer everything that I told her and the customer left. I inform my manager that I did not yell at her and she said she wasn’t coming back.

Manager: “Oh, please! I’ll see her in here next week.”

If a customer service rep is breaking policy to help you, at least show some gratitude!

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Time For A Brain Flare-Up

, , , | Right | November 30, 2020

I have eczema and have had several flare-ups over the last year. My dermatologist prescribed me a mild steroid cream that is normally very expensive. However, he also sent a coupon along with the prescription that makes it free. It works great, so he says he’ll keep prescribing it for flare-ups.

I just refilled my cream a few weeks ago. I get a call from the pharmacy. I’m at work when I get the call, so I’m not paying full attention.

Representative: “Hi, this is [Representative] from [Pharmacy]. Is this [My Name]?”

Me: “Speaking!”

Representative: “Great! We are calling today to let you know that as of tomorrow, the manufacturer of [Steroid Cream] is no longer accepting the coupon that makes it free. We’re calling all our patients to give them a heads-up. Do you need a refill?”

Me: “Uh… I just got a refill and I haven’t used much. Do I even qualify for a refill this soon?”

Representative: *Sighs* “All right, let me rephrase that. As of tomorrow, this cream is $300 a pop. Now, do you need a refill?”

I finally realize that they are trying to HELP ME.

Me: “Oh! I got it now. Yes, I could use a refill.”

Representative: “Good choice. I’ll have that processed for you in the next few minutes. You’ll get a text when it’s ready!”

And I got my cream soon after. To the pharmacy representative… if you’re reading this, THANK YOU for saving me $300. I promise I’m not normally that dense.

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It’s Safest To Save Talking Smack For Home

, , , , | Right | December 19, 2020

I am serving tables as a seventeen-year-old student in a quite nice restaurant in Belgium. I am a white male with blonde hair and blue eyes. On a rather calm evening, a man, wife, and son sit down at a table. Passing by, I notice that they are Latino because of the Spanish accent they speak with and the Chilean flag tattooed on the man’s arm.

Because my family is quite linguistic and kind of multicultural, I am near-fluent in Spanish, as well as a couple of other languages. While I’m serving the table in my native language, the man starts a video call with family in Chile. At one point, the d*****bag tells this family member, in Spanish:

Man: “I’ll get this idiotic-looking waiter. He’s sucked at everything he has been doing all night.”

I get that I sometimes make mistakes, but I’ve done nothing of the kind this evening.

The man evidently thought I wouldn’t understand him speaking in Spanish. So, when I bring him and his family dessert, I say:

Me: “Buen provecho, disfrúten su postre.” Bon appetit, enjoy your dessert.

Then, I smiled sarcastically and left. The s***bag didn’t know what came over him. He hung up pretty quickly after that. His wife didn’t seem to happy with the situation and made it pretty clear to her husband. The son just seemed confused. They didn’t leave a tip.

Source: Reddit (Credit: yalen_002, Original Story)

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