Something Not Right With Their Head

| Baltimore, MD, USA | At The Checkout, Bizarre, Health & Body

(I am a customer in line behind a lady who is checking out. The cashier is a young man, around 17 or 18. Most of the employees have some kind of personal item in addition to their uniform. This cashier was wearing a funny alien hat.)

Lady: *digging through her purse* “I think I have a coupon for…” *she looks up* “WHAT… happened to your HEAD?!”

(At this point, she got my immediate attention and I take notice of the silly hat that in no way looks like skin or hair. It looks like a gray cloth hat with alien eyes on it.)

Cashier: *confused* “My… head…? *puts his hand on his hat*

Lady: “You need to get to a hospital! Your whole head! It’s gray!”

Cashier: *takes his hat off and touches his hair* “I did hit my head earlier. I hope I’m not bleeding…”

Lady: *throws her hands over her mouth* “YOU JUST… TORE IT…” *she then grabs her bag and runs out of the store*

(The cashier and I are both stunned and just watch her leave.)

Cashier: “I think I’m going to go on break now.”

Timely Flights Of Fancy

| London, England, UK | Crazy Requests, Tourists/Travel, Transportation

(I’m on the phone with a customer inquiring about flights to a certain destination. Airline #1 has multiple flights per day, while Airline #2 flies once per day.)

Me: “So the cheapest flight for [Airline #1] flying to [Destination] is £[Total], and the cheapest flight for [Airline #2] is £[Total].”

Customer: “Why does [Airline #2] only fly to [Destination] once per day?”

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Customer: “I don’t like the times for [Airline #2]. Can’t I fly at a different time?”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but I have no control over how often airline companies schedule their flights. If you want to arrive by a certain time, [Airline #1] would be the better option.”

Customer: “I still don’t get it. Why doesn’t [Airline #2] fly to [Destination] more often? Their counter at the airport is much bigger than [Airline #1]!”

Me: “…”

Customer: “Hello?”

Me: *trying to keep a straight face while talking* “No, ma’am, the size of the check-in counter has no relation to how many flights an airline has.”

Some Customers Are Complete Trash

, | Australia | Bad Behavior, Non-Dialogue

I work part-time at a well-known fast food restaurant. After a busy lunch period, I’m in the dining room cleaning up. The floor is absolutely filthy after having some 2500 people through the doors in around two hours or so.

After changing bins and clearing tables, I sweep and mop the entire floor. While I am doing this, a female customer is watching me from a nearby table with her two small children. They eat their meals and linger for a while, with the mother continuing to watch me and the two children playing with the toys that came with their meals.

It takes me about 45 minutes to finish sweeping and mopping the floor. I finally finish the last corner and just as I’m putting the mop back in the bucket, the woman stands up with her two kids and begins to walk towards me carrying their tray. I am standing near the bins, so I think nothing of it.

They stopped next to the bins, and the mother made eye contact with me, pulled the lid off her almost full large soda and poured the entire thing on the floor, never breaking eye contact. She then dropped the cup, lid, and straw, as well as the entire tray of rubbish, onto the ground into the soda, and then proceeded to walk over it, and out of the store. I was too shocked to even respond.

Day-Careless, Part 2

| UK | Bad Behavior, Family & Kids

(I am heading into a department store when I notice my shoelaces are untied, and bend down just before the entrance to redo them. When I stand up there is a baby stroller next to me with what looks to be a two- to three-month-old sleeping inside. I look around and ask a couple of people going by if they know anything. None do, but a couple offer to pop inside and get help. The manager and a couple of workers come and take the child inside and make announcements over half an hour for anyone to claim him. After I have finished my shopping I go back and ask about him, and am told that the police have been informed. Cue a woman frantically running up to the counter.)

Woman: “Excuse me, I need to report a missing child. I left my son with your daycare and he’s disappeared!”

Worker: “But madam, we don’t have a daycare. We do have a—”

Woman: “But, then where is he!” *turning and somehow recognising me* “YOU! YOU KIDNAPPED MY SON!”

Me: “What are you— Oh, wait. Are you talking about the kid that was left at the entrance?”


(The police are already in the building responding to the call made by the store. The woman is reunited with her son, but she demands I be arrested for attempted kidnapping. We try to explain the situation, but the woman is in complete hysterics. The manager offers to show the police the footage of the entrance to try and clear the things up. After viewing it, they come out to us.)

Officer: “You are free to go, sir. It appears that this lady walked up to you with her stroller and simply left it next to you before walking into the store. We can’t even see her say anything.”

(I turn to see her blushing and staring at the ground.)

Me: *bewildered* “So, she just left her child with a complete stranger, hoping they would take care of him?”

Woman: *snapping her head up and glaring at me* “I WAS BUSY!”

(The woman fell into hysterics again and was being escorted to an ambulance as I left the store.)

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