Ask A Stupid Question …

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Bookstore Customer: “Do people donate all these books to you?”

Me: “Yes. We show up for work every morning and there are boxes of valuable books sitting at the front door.”

Bookstore Customer: “Wow, really! I could open a book store?”

Me: “Sure!”

Bookstore Customer: “If I opened a store, how would people know where to leave the books?”


I’m Sure We Have A Book On That Topic

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Customer: “Excuse me, how do I get up the stairs?”

Me: “If you don’t already know, I’m afraid I can’t help you.”

Paging Homeland Security To The Wine Cellar

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Me: “May I get something for you ladies to drink?”

Lady 1: “Um, yes. (to Lady 2) What are you having, dear?”

Lady 2: “I’ll have the white zinfandel.”

Lady 1: “Oh yes, I’ll have the infidel, too. Last night I had the marlo!”

When They Ask Why, It’s Time To Run

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Me: “Would you like regular ice or ice made from coffee?”

Customer: “What is ice made from coffee?”

Me: “It’s … ice … made from … coffee.”

Customer: *stare*

Me: “Frozen coffee?”

Customer: “Um… Why?”

Me: “Regular ice then. I’ll have that out in just a moment.”

Oh, You Mean THOSE Kinds Of Maps

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Bookstore Customer: “Do you sell maps? You know, things with pictures of roads on them?”


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