Saint Patrick’s Day Roundup 2019

| Right | March 17, 2019

Saint Patrick was the patron saint of Ireland. The day has become celebrated by all and is associated with fun and beer and shamrocks, which are supposed to represent good luck.

Here are some of our favorite stories about luck, good and bad.  We hope you only have good luck this Saint Patrick’s Day.  Enjoy!


The Luck Of The Irish — Even when you’re not Irish, you’re Irish?

The Matrix Rejected — There are superstitions, and then…

Lady Bug Luck — When luck turns into an infestation.

Worst Of Luck To You — Maybe good luck is a jinx?

BLT, Better Luck Tomorrow — Seems to be a new definition of BLT.

As-Sale-ing Your Manager — Bad luck brings a good sale!

From Lucifer To Lucky — A quick change of numbers means a quick change of luck?

Incoming Comments About Outgoings — What some think is luck can actually be hard work.

Unlucky For Some — Different cultures, different unlucky numbers.

Pulling Your Leg — Now that’s bad luck!

The Customer Is Fruit Loops — This customer is magically delicious!


Has luck been good or bad in your life? Do you have any good stories about your luck?  Tell your tales in the comments below, or send it to us here!


NB: An earlier version of this roundup said that shamrocks are four-leaf clovers. As our astute readers mentioned, they are three-leaf clovers. The editors of NAR regret our error.

I Get Paid To Do This All Day

, , | Right | March 17, 2019

(I’m standing second in line at a customer service desk.)

Customer: “What do you mean, I can’t return this?”

Employee: *calmly* “As I already explained to you twice, we have a thirty-day return policy. You bought this four months ago.”

Customer: *outraged* “This is unacceptable! I will not go away until I get my money back! I can do this for hours.”

Employee: *starting to grin*

Customer: *now furious* “STOP IT! WHY ARE YOU GRINNING?!”

Employee: “Unlike to you, I get paid for standing here and pretending to listen to you while otherwise I really would have to, you know, work and do stuff. Please… go on!”

(The woman grabs her clothes and bolts away in anger, mumbling curse words.)

Me: “Dude, that was awesome! Mind if I borrow that line?”

Employee: *laughing* “No, please do. Works every time! And how else can I help you today?”

Caught You Red Haired

, , | Right | March 17, 2019

(It is toward the end of my shift, so I go out to empty the gaming machines to put the money through the tills. As I take the box containing the money, a regular customer comes over and starts a conversation. It should be noted that I have red hair.)

Customer: *jokingly* “Are you stealing all the money again?”

Me: “I wish it was mine to keep! Sadly, it’s on its way to the tills.”

Customer: “Oh, good. People are probably a bit suspicious of you.”

Me: “Why’s that?”

Customer: “You know how it is. Everyone knows that people who steal tend to be gingers or—“ *leans closer and whispers* “—black people.”

Me: *speechless*

St. Patrick Dyed For You

, , , | Right | March 17, 2019

(Around Saint Patrick’s Day, we dye our lemonade green. We have several signs posted inside and outside the building stating so. A lady comes through drive-thru and orders a lemonade with her meal.)

Customer: “Um, what is this?”

Me: “It’s your lemonade, ma’am. We have green lemonade for Saint Patrick’s day!”

Customer: “I don’t want this! Why didn’t you tell me it was dyed!”

(I think of all the signs posted outside and around the drive-thru speaker, as well as a sticker that is on the drive-thru window.)

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am. I can get some without any of the dye in it, but I’ll have to ask you to pull forward and we’ll bring it out to you.”

(We have un-dyed lemonade in the back but it will take us a minute to bring some up and pour it, and our orders and time is already stacking up.)

Customer: “No, I just make me a [Soda]. I don’t have time to wait! I’m sorry if I’m angry; I’m just really particular about what goes into my body!”

(I then gave her a [Soda] and fried food and tried to think how that could be any different from the three drops of food dye we put in a five-gallon batch of lemonade.)

Doesn’t Understand The Custom Part Of Customer, Part 14

, , , | Right | March 16, 2019

(I work in a store that sells various kitchenware items, including electrical products. A perfectly pleasant lady whom I have just served at the till approaches me at the door on her way out.)

Customer: “Dear, can I ask you a quick question?”

Me: “Sure! How can I help?”

Customer: “Well, you probably can’t do anything about this, but I have a [Brand Name] food mixer that I purchased, but never have used. It was over a year ago, but it’s just too powerful! I switched it on once, but it scared me! Am I able to return it to you? Can you do something with it?”

(Our policy includes a several-year guarantee on electricals, so returning it with a proof of purchase would be totally fine in this case.)

Me: “Oh, no! Okay, do you have a receipt for it?”

Customer: “I expect so!”

Me: “Then that’s fine. Just bring it in to us and we can issue a refund to you with your store receipt.”

Customer: “That’s wonderful! It’s from [Different Store], and I’ll bring it in next time!”

Me: *blink* “Wait, I’m sorry; did you purchase the mixer here?”

Customer: “Oh, no, dear, from [Different Store]. Is that a problem?”

Me: “Ah. I’m afraid so. We can’t accept returns or issue refunds for products purchased from other companies, I’m sorry.”

Customer: *visibly disappointed* “Oh. Right… Even with a receipt?”

Me: “Yes, I’m sorry.”

Customer: “Oh. Well… What would you suggest I do with it?”

Me: “Hmm. Have you considered eBay?”

Customer: “Oh, that’s a good idea! I’ll get my daughter to help me with that!”

Me: “All right, then; good luck!”

Customer: “Thank you, dear!”

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