23 Sad-But-True Stories About How Bad Customers Treat Native Americans

| Right | July 5, 2020

Dear readers,

Yesterday many of you celebrated July 4th, and we genuinely hope a happy time was had by all who did. It’s always important to remember those who lived in the USA (and Canada!) before it became a country fighting for Independence to begin with.

Over the years, we have received many stories about customers treating Native Americans with a lack of respect, ignorance, or complete frustration that their racist attack of “go back to your own country!” is met with an inevitable conclusion. We have rounded up 23 stories that should help remind all of us that we should celebrate cultures and differences, and honor those who came before us.


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They Learned The Connection Between Bad Behavior And Disconnection

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Receptionist: “[Company] Publishing; how may I direct your call?”

Caller: “I need to speak with the representative for trade.”

Receptionist: “What is this in reference to?”

Caller: “Just connect me.”

Receptionist: “Sir, to connect you, I need more information.”

Caller: “JUST. CONNECT. ME.”

The receptionist puts him on hold and asks our office manager, who sits behind her, what she should do. The manager tells her to transfer the guy to her. By the time she gets back to the call, the man has hung up, but he calls back almost immediately.

Receptionist: “[Company] Publishing; how may I direct your call?”


Receptionist: “Sir, I am going to connect you to someone who can assist you now.”

Caller: “You f****** whore! How dare you do this to me?! You are a useless whore.”

Receptionist: “I guess I will not be helping you after all.”

The receptionist terminates the call. The office manager, who only heard the receptionist’s side, comes over:

Office Manager: “What happened?”

Receptionist: “He called me a f****** whore.”

Office Manager: “I’m glad you hung up.”

The guy never called back, but my boss has given our receptionist permission to hang up on him if he does. We’re somewhat lax here. I had an issue with an agent once who was harassing me and my boss told me I could tell him to “Go f*** yourself!” if I needed to. I didn’t, but I appreciated my boss saying I could!

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Lettuce So Good It Tastes Unreal

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I answer the phone next to my register.

Customer: “I have a question. If you need to go check with someone, that’s fine.”

Me: “Okay. What’s your question?”

Customer: “Your salads…”

After a moment of silence:

Me: “Yes, we do have salads. Are you asking what kinds of salads we have?”

Customer: “No. Do you use real lettuce? Or is it from a store?”

I am struggling to come up with an answer.

Me: “Um… yes, it’s real lettuce.”

Customer: “Thanks!” *Hangs up*

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Checkout This Not-So-Sweet Sixteen

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I work in a big chain supermarket in the UK and overhear this far-too-frequent situation. Due to the current lockdown, there is a one-way system in place: the queue of customers waiting at the top end of the checkouts are being directed to either a checkout or the self-service machine.

A woman is in front with a big trolley of shopping and there’s a man behind with a basket. The woman has a scan-as-you-shop device, so my coworker tells her to wait for the scan-as-you-shop till at the self-service area to become free.

My coworker speaks to the second customer in the queue:

Coworker: “Okay, do you want to go to checkout sixteen, please?”

Male Customer: “No, thank you.”

Coworker: “Okay, do you want to go to self-service?”

Male Customer: “No, thanks.”

Coworker: “Then where do you want to go?”

Male Customer: “A normal checkout!”

Coworker: “Checkout sixteen, then, please.”

Male Customer: “Thank you.”

This has become a common occurrence recently.

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The End Is Just The Beginning

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I work for a company that manufactures technology for quick-service restaurants. My team supports a computer we made for a large fast food chain that is used to view training videos.

A customer calls in on July 4th. Since we have a limited staff, I’m not able to get to this ticket until two days later. The restaurant phone number we have on file is no longer in service, so I call the customer on his cell.

Me: “Hi, this is [My Name] from [Company]. I was calling about your training computer.”

Customer: “I called this in over 24 hours ago! Why are you only calling me now?”

Me: “I apologize for the delay; we had a limited staff over the holiday and most of us were pulled to work on other products. I’m just now working through the backlog.”

Customer: “Well, this is ridiculous. I should be getting help right away! Why aren’t you guys more reliable?!”

Me: “Again, I apologize for the delay. The ticket I have here says you weren’t able to watch some of the training videos. Can you describe the issue in more detail?”

Customer: “Every time I watch the ‘Getting Started’ video, it stops at a certain point and won’t go forward.”

I check to make sure the software is running properly, the network connection is stable, etc.

Me: “Well, I’m not seeing anything wrong at the moment. Would you be able to go through the video with me while I monitor the software to check for any errors?”

Customer: “I’m not at the restaurant. You’ll have to call me on Monday.”

On Monday, I call the customer and get a similar tirade on how this is taking too long, etc. We go through the video and he tells me where it stops.

Me: “Okay, I think I see the problem here. That’s the end of the video. You need to close it and start the next one.”

Customer: “Oh… Well, it shouldn’t have taken you so long to figure that out!” *Click*

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