It Also Stands For Due Diligence

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(I work in the intimates department of a well-known clothing store.)

Customer: “Are the D-D bras smaller than the D bras?”

Me: “Actually, double-Ds are a size bigger than regular D-cups.”

Customer: “How was I supposed to know D-D means double-D?!”

Positively Pissed Off

| Columbus, OH, USA | Wild & Unruly

(A woman had bought a pregnancy test earlier and has come back into the store a few minutes later.)

Customer: “I want a refund for this pregnancy test!”

Me: “Sure, ma’am. What seems to be wrong with it? Do you have the receipt?”

Customer: *yelling* “It says I am pregnant! I did not buy this to tell me I am pregnant!”

Me: “Oh…well, we cannot accept it since it has been used, for sanitary reasons. Also, that is what the test is for, ma’am: it tells you whether you are pregnant or not.”

(The woman grows angry and starts cussing at me, so I call my supervisor to the front. They tell her the same thing I’ve told her.)

Customer: “Fine! If I can’t get a refund, you can take it back!” *throws the wet test at me and storms out*

Paint Me A Misogynist

| Mesa, AZ, USA | Bigotry, Top

(I work in the hardware department of a large retail store. Part of my duties entail mixing paint. A customer approaches my male coworker, who doesn’t know how to use the paint machine. He points the customer in my direction and the following conversation ensues.)

Customer: “What? Her? But she’s a woman!”

Me: “I can help you, sir. Don’t worry. I have lots of experience in tinting paint.”

Customer: “Are you sure? Who taught you how to do that? How on Earth did you get this job?”

(The paint machine requires that we use a specific base for each color depending on the amount of tint that needs to be used. I need light base, but the customer hands me a can of medium base. I go to replace it.)

Customer: “What are you doing? I gave you medium base. It’s a medium color. I don’t think you know what you’re doing.”

Me: “I assure you, I do. The process is all computerized. I need a light base.”

Customer: “I want to see your manager. You can’t do this right.”

Me: “Trust me, just let me mix the paint before I get him. He’s likely busy.”

(I proceed to mix the paint. It turns out perfectly.)

Customer: *slinks off, defeated*

Seedless, We Promise

| Chicago, IL, USA | Bizarre, Food & Drink

(My friend and I are cleaning up at the end of the night at a frozen yogurt shop downtown. Suddenly, a guy walks in.)

Guy: “You need to buy me a piece of pizza cause I ain’t eaten all day!”

Me: “The pizza shop in the mall is closed. I can give you a sample of yogurt.”

(I pour him a sample of acai blueberry yogurt.)

Guy: “What the h*** is that?”

Me: “Yogurt.”

Guy: “Nuh uh, that’s sperm.”

Me: “This is yogurt.”

Guy: “Stop trying to give me sperm! I do scientific research and that is HORSE SPERM!” *runs away*

Gift Card And Ye Shall Receive

| Texas, USA | At The Checkout

(I’ve just finished a week of cashier training for a large retail store. This is my first customer.)

Me: “Hello, how are you?”

Customer: “At the end, I have a gift card I want to use. Is that cool?”

Me: “Sure thing!” *rings up her items* “Your total is $10.97.”

Customer: “There’s no way that’s my total.”

Me: “Pardon?”

Customer: “I said I had a gift card. Add it now.”

Me: “Maybe I’m misunderstanding…did you want to purchase one and add money to it?”

Customer: “No! I want to use my gift card to pay for my s***!”

Me: *slightly panicking* “I apologize. May I swipe it for you?”

Customer: “Ugh! No! I don’t have it here with me!”

Me: “Ma’am, you need to have it with—”

Customer: *throws hands up in the air* “Forget it! I’ll go somewhere where they know what they’re doing!” *leaves without paying for anything*

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