5 Stories of Customers That Will DRIVE You Insane

Not Always Right | Right | January 26, 2014

Weekly Roundup: 5 Stories of The Worst Drivers On The Road! It’s not just the headline-making celebrities who are causing mayhem on the roads. Our collections of customers could give them a decent run (or drive) for their money!

  1. Big Brother Is Not Watching You (1,341 thumbs up)
  2. Pre(Car)ious Insurance (2,442 thumbs up)
  3. Car Free And Care-Free (2,150 thumbs up)
  4. Policy No Evil, Speak No Evil (1,996 thumbs up)
  5. If Cars Could Run On Stupidity (2,011 thumbs up)

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Not So Smart-Money

| Perth, WA, Australia | Right | January 25, 2014

(I’m a blackjack dealer, and get many players that are confused when a blackjack (ace and 10, jack, queen, or king) beats a hand with a total of 21.)

Player: “How did your hand beat mine? We both have 21.”

Me: “I have blackjack and you have 21. Blackjack is a winning hand.”

Player: “It’s like the casino just wants to make money.”

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That’s What You Get When You’re A Law Unto Yourself

| Right | January 25, 2014

How To Make Your Cake Extra ‘Special’

| NC, USA | Right | January 24, 2014

(I am helping a customer place an order for two cakes.)

Me: “Okay, that’s about everything. Did you want anything written on the cakes?”

Customer: “I’m not sure.” *turns to his wife* “Honey, what should I have written on the cakes? How about ‘Pot’ on one and ‘Luck’ on the other since it’s a potluck?”

Customer’s Wife: “Are you asking if I think you should have ‘Pot’ written on a cake?”

Customer: “Good point. No, nothing written on them.”

Me: “Sounds like a good choice.”

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Customer Service(d)

, | Baton Rouge, LA, USA | Right | January 24, 2014

(My sisters and I are out shopping and stop by a fast food restaurant for lunch. Both of my sisters still work there, and I have only recently quit to take another job. Several of our good friends work there as well. One such friend is on shift, greeting customers who come in and cleaning tables. When we enter, she comes over and gives us all hugs. Another customer has walked in right behind us, and sees our friend give us all hugs.)

Customer: “Do I get a hug too?”

(Without thinking, she hugs him. He just grins and walks off. We all stare at her in shock.)

Coworker: “I thought he was with you guys…”

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