Stereo-Griping (Video)

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Gotta Give Them Credit (Cards) For Trying

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I work in a home improvement store that has a store points card and a store credit card. We had just opened a new location and therefore have a lot of new staff who aren’t as experienced at catching scammers.

Two days in a row a man has come in and bought an expensive grill with a fake credit card. However, because of how we process payments this isn’t brought to our attention until the next day when the accounting department notices several big purchases did not go through. However the third day we are already on alert and because of our security cameras we know what he looks like and thankfully, one of the senior staff members has the pleasure of interacting with him.

She immediately becomes suspicious when the man starts asking about the same model of grill that has been stolen. While she pretends to look up information on the grill she actually looks for his picture in our company email and identifies him.

She doesn’t want to scare him away or give him time to leave by calling the police so instead she sells him the grill…

… and the company credit card.

She convinces him to open a card and so he willingly fills in an application with his full name, address, social, etc.

After he leaves she contacts the police, gives them all the information including the CCTV footage, and reports from the account about the credit card charges.

The guy is caught at his house with tens of thousands of dollars with of stolen items (not just from our store) and a bunch of fake credit cards.

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Stereo-Griping (Video)

| Right | May 16, 2017


The Note Is Real, But So Is There Unreasonableness

| Ireland | Right | May 16, 2017

(On the Euro notes, there is a raised edge that we run our finger along to check if it is real or not. After a while it becomes a complete habit to just run your finger along it. I have just finished ringing a woman up at the till, told her the amount, and she hands me a €50 note along with the rest of the change. Out of habit I check the raised part on the note.)

Woman: “What are you doing?”

Me: “Sorry?”

Woman: “Why are you doing that with my money? Is there something wrong with it?”

Me: “Oh, no, sorry; it’s a complete habit of mine and my employees to run a finger along this part of the note.” *I show her where it rises* “There is nothing wrong with your note.”

Woman: “There is no need to check my money. That is very wrong of you to assume I would give you a fake note and it really annoys me that you would do that.”

Me: “I apologize again; I did not do it intentionally.”

Woman: “That was very immoral of you. I would never do such a thing to a customer of mine. You should really think about how your actions affect others.”

(When she left I tell my coworker what happened. She laughs.)

Coworker: “Well, you should have taken out the marker that turns the notes black when they’re fake. What would happen then? If she called the manager over, you would have done nothing wrong in their eyes.”

23 Minutes Of Awesome

| Bolton, England, UK | Right | May 16, 2017

(Due to Sunday trading laws most stores in town close at four. We are lucky enough to trade an extra hour. (Can you read the sarcasm?) At 4:38 a man approaches the doors pushing a bicycle.)

Customer: “Are you still open?”

Me: “For the next—” *looks at phone* “—22 minutes.”

Customer: “D***, I need 23.”

(Both of us laugh a little.)

Customer: “Can I leave this—” *indicating bike* “—there? I’ll only be a minute.”

Me: “You liar. You said you needed 23 minutes… Which is it?”

(The customer laughs.)

Me: “Yeah, sure, go on, but—” *getting phone out again* “—I’m timing you… Time starts… NOW!”

(The customer nips in, grabs a couple of drinks, gets to the till, and is back out. As he leaves:)

Customer: “Thanks for the laugh. Seems rarer and rarer to find people with a sense of humour.”

Me: “I work here. It 4:43, on a Sunday. I’m liable to be here still in an hour; a sense of humour is mandatory. Thanks a lot. See you again; have a good evening!”

(They aren’t all bad.)

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