A-Parent Lack Of A Parent

| USA | Right | December 10, 2015

(I work the gate at an indoor play-gym. While I do keep an eye on everyone, I am not there to watch people’s kids for them. A couple with two young kids come in, and they force the gate open.)

Customer #1: “Make sure my son doesn’t leave.”

(As I can’t leave the gate, I figure they’ll be back in a minute. Thirty seconds later, a small boy about four years old run over to the gate and tries getting through.)

Me: “Hey, why don’t you stay in here?”

Boy: “I want my mommy!”

Me: “You can’t be out there by yourself, okay?”

(The boy starts screaming and trying to hit me now. An older woman comes over to try and help.)

Customer #2: “Here, sweetie, why don’t you sit here and wait for your parents!”

Boy: “NO! I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you! I don’t wanna wait!”

Customer #2: “What’s wrong? Did you get hurt?”


(At this point I’m scared he’ll hurt the woman, as he’s kicking madly at her. I call down a police officer to help.)


Me: “You need to stay here for now, okay?”

(The boy gets up and tries pulling the gate open. I stop him, as I don’t want the gate to break or for him to get hurt. He turns at me and hits me. It wasn’t hard, but it did stun me.)


Customer #2: “Sweetie, just stay here for a minute! Just calm down!”


(The police officer comes over to the gate and looks down at the boy.)

Officer: “Here, I’ll help you find your parents.”

(I open the gate, and the boy takes off running. The officer goes after him. The play-gym was calmer after that. Later in the day, the officer comes down to check on me.)

Officer: “Everything okay down here?”

Me: “Yeah. Did you find that one kid’s parents?”

Officer: “Yeah. They were out on the go-karts; I had to yell at them to get them off. They didn’t understand why they were in trouble, or why their kid was crying.”

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Prize Example Of Demanding Customers

| Mason, OH, USA | Right | December 10, 2015

(I work at an amusement park in Ohio running games in the park. Today I am overseeing a racing game with prizes.)

Me: “Hi, how may players?”

Customer: “Just me and my son.”

Me: “All right, that will be six dollars.”

(The customer hands me her credit card and I swipe it. After handing it back another family shows up and pays to play. I run the race and the other family wins.)

Me: “Would you like to try again?”

Customer: “Yes.”

(She hands me her card. I turn on the water guns and she is not sitting down to play.)

Me: “Ma’am, I need two people to play. You were going to play with your son, right?”

Customer: “No! I just want him to play!”

Me: “Uhm, I can try and find someone to play against him but you already paid saying that it was you and your son.”

Customer: “I did not! I just wanted to buy the prize.”

Me: “Ma’am, I can’t actually sell you the prize.”

Customer: “Then why did I pay? I want to speak to your supervisor!”

Me: “Ma’am, my supervisor isn’t in currently. What can I do to make things right?”

Customer: “You can refund me and give me the prize I paid for.”

Me: “I can refund you but I cannot give you a prize.”

Customer: “I already paid once; I should get my prize!”

Me: “Ma’am, another family raced against you and your son and they won, therefore they got the prize.”

Customer: “Why am I even listening to you?!” *storms off*

Alpha Male Is O-Mega A**-Hole

| Belgium | Right | December 10, 2015

(I’m working front desk at a mid-range hotel. In this hotel the front desk staff also runs the bar. A couple of business guests walk into the bar and take a seat. My colleague points one of them out for being a real a** at check-in. I clearly recognise the alpha male. This dude takes a seat and puts his feet on the table.)

Me: *kindly* “Sir, can you please remove your feet from the table?”

Alpha Male: “Nope. I paid to stay here, so I can put my feet wherever I like.”

Me: *irritated* “Well, sir, that’s twisted logic. I pay my road tax and car insurance every year, yet that doesn’t mean I can drive faster than the speed limit or park my car wherever I like. So, could you please remove your feet from the table?”

Alpha Male: *mumbles something I can’t understand but leaves his feet on the table*

Me: “Okay, sir, I can’t make you remove your feet from the table; however what I can do is refuse service. And since in that case your colleagues will probably order drinks for you, I’m refusing service to you and ALL of your colleagues.”

Alpha Male: *removes feet from table* “Your manager will hear about this in the morning!”

Me: “He will hear about what? Me teaching you some manners?”

(As far as I know, he never spoke to my manager.)

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Try To Keep Pace With The Questions

| NSW, Australia | Right | December 10, 2015

(I work as a receptionist for a radiology practice, and we need to go through a list of safety questions before a patient can go in for their scan. An old woman and her daughter/carer walk in.)

Daughter: “Hello, my mother has an appointment today.”

Me: “No problem. First I need to go through a list of implants or devices she may have in her body, and I just need a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer to whether she has them.”

Daughter: “No, no, no! My mother doesn’t have anything! She’s just as God made her!”

Me: “Ma’am, this is protocol. It’s important to ask each question…”

Daughter: “Don’t bother; the answer is “no” to everything.”

Me: “Okayyy…” *notes this down on form*

Patient: “Well, I do have a pacemaker. Will that be a problem?”

(She was about to get an MRI. That could kill a patient!)

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She Has Taken The Black

| Scotland, UK | Right | December 10, 2015

(I am a breakfast chef at a five-star hotel. We have a lot of North American customers who are unfamiliar with some popular European foods. A waiter draws my attention to an order they have just taken.)

Waiter: “Vegetarian breakfast with black pudding. I tried explaining but she just shoo-ed me away.”

(Black pudding is made from pigs’ blood.)

Me: “Do you want to check again, that she’s sure?”

(The waiter goes off to check again with the customer and returns a minute later.)

Waiter: “She’s sure. She ate it before and it was delicious. And she isn’t very happy at her order being questioned.”

Me: “I’ll just go and check.”

(I go to the customer’s table.)

Me: “Are you a vegetarian, ma’am?”

Guest: “Yes. Yes, I am.”

Me: “Are you aware of what black pudding is?”

Guest: “Look, I had it for the first time a few days ago and it was delicious. Now, just get me my d*** breakfast.”

Me: “Can I just explain…”

(I go into the full details of how black pudding is made, with the boiling of the pigs’ blood, the addition of oatmeal and diced pig fat, etc. I note the customer going greener and greener as the story goes on.)

Guest: “Actually, could I just have cereal and toast, please?”

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