Owns A Very Crazy Personality

| Working | September 9, 2015

(It’s my first day, and I’m very excited to be working as an apprentice baker, something I’ve always wanted to do. During the interview, I told the hiring manager that I had little experience, and he accepted it. He told a trainer to train me.)

Trainer: “So you take this and insert the filling in these cupcakes like so.”

Me: “Like this?”

(It’s my first time in a long time handling a pastry bag, and some icing spills out.)

Trainer: *glancing around, in a fearful whisper* “Try not to be messy…”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry, Iā€””

(Just then a screaming woman swoops down on me in rage.)


(My jaw drops in speechlessness. The trainer looks scared to death.)

Trainer: *quivering* “Um, well, she’s new, and uh, I- I’m just teaching her how to fill the c-cakes…”

Woman: *tearing at her hair* “DON’T LET HER DO ANYTHING! I WON’T PAY FOR THIS! I WON’T!”

(She storms off. I recover.)

Me: “Who was THAT?”

Trainer: *whispering* “The owner. She’s very strict so best stay out of her way or she’ll fire you. Be careful…”

(‘Strict’ wasn’t the word I’d use to describe her. I didn’t come back and soon found another job with a less psycho owner.)

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