Owning Up To The Situation

, , | Right | April 20, 2018

(I am the office manager at a family entertainment company and, since it’s so small and the owner is terrible with technology, I’ve spent years taking over the business side. The company has the owner’s name in the title, so I’m either mistaken for her, or people think I can’t help them.)

Me: “Thanks for calling [Company]. This is [My Name].”

Customer: “I would like to talk to [Owner]. We met last week and I want to book an event.”

Me: “Great! I’m actually the office manager, and I handle the bookings, so I can help you—”

Customer: “No, I need to speak with [Owner].”

Me: “But, sir, she is just going to have to give you back to me, because I handle the calendar—”

Customer: “I ain’t got all day, honey. Just put [Owner] on the phone.”

(I give up and ask the owner to stop what she’s doing to talk to the customer who has now insulted me. Since the owner does not do anything when it comes to the schedule, she chats with him for a minute and then, when he inquires about booking, this happens.)

Owner: “Well, yes, we would love to come out to your event! I don’t handle the bookings, though, so I’ll have to give you back to my office manager. She’s great; she’s the backbone of our company. We wouldn’t be running if it wasn’t for her!”

(As I get back on the phone…)

Me: “Hello, sir! So, what day would you like to book?”

Customer: *sheepishly* “Well, let’s look at …”

(I was annoyed at the customer, but he turned out to be a pretty nice guy and has made sure not to try to ask for the owner ever again!)

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