Overwhelmingly Beachy Behavior

| Related | January 31, 2015

(This occurs when I’m visiting a beach town with my parents. Note that I’m a notorious homebody.)

Mum: “Come to the beach!”

Me: “Noooo, it’ll ruin the only shoes I brought!”

Mum: “This is why you need crocs.”

Me: “NEVER.”

Mum: “If you had crocs, you could come to the beach.”

Me: “I don’t need crocs because I never go to the beach.”

Mum: “And that’s probably because you don’t have crocs.”

Me: “I don’t like the beach.”

Mum: “…you’re a beach.”

(This conversation repeated itself several times. And yes, I did end up sacrificing my shoes for my family!)

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