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Overtime Crime, Part 9

| Working | June 7, 2016

(My manager is always “asking” me to cover her and others shifts, by asking I mean – gives no choice. I need a day off for a family occasion on a weekend. I put in a vacation request over month in advance, as per company rules. Usually the shifts are done two weeks in advance. I have just worked three weekends in a row covering other’s shifts.)

Manager: “I don’t think you can have it. I’ve done the rosters already. Can’t you reschedule?”

Me: “No, I can’t; it’s a family wedding.”

Manager: *sighs, whining* “It’s so inconvenient. I have to ask [Coworker] to work for you and she doesn’t like working weekends. I can’t work it; husband will be upset with me”. *I know she’s trying to guilt me out of it*

(She finally relents and gives me the day off; the other coworker has no problem covering for me.  After I have the day off I thank the other coworker for working for me on the day. I still work the normal Sunday shift.)

Coworker: “Oh, no problem. [Manager] was here, too.”

Me: “What? She said she couldn’t work.”

Coworker: “Yeah, she just came in and was here all day.”

(Later on in the week:)

Manager: “[My Name], I need you to work my shift on Friday.”

Me: “I just need to check. Daughter has a cardiologist appointment this week. It’s either Thursday or Friday morning” *I work afternoons on both days*

Manager: *rolls eyes* “I have just had to work three weekends in a row because of you. I need that day off.”

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