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Overtime Crime, Part 3

| Working | August 31, 2014

(My boss has a reputation of being very unreasonable, asking for the impossible and constantly moving goal posts.)

Boss: “[My Name], come in here, please. These overtime sheets are far too high. There is no way I can afford to pay them. Go tell [Worker] that he won’t be getting paid for them.”

(I take the sheets expecting foul play or incorrect hours being booked.)

Me: “But you approved all of them.”

Boss: “Doesn’t matter. Payment is at my discretion.”

Me: “This one was for the urgent issue, this one was because the other guy was sick, and this one was because we needed the work done. You personally asked for him to come in every time.”

Boss: “Doesn’t matter. Tell him.”

(Not getting anywhere I had to explain to one of my guys why he worked 40 hours of his own time and would only get time off in lieu despite never hearing of this rule before. It did not go down well.)

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