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Overtime Crime, Part 10

| Working | April 7, 2017

(I started a new job closer to home as I have two small children. I made it very clear in both interviews the reasons why I was looking for work and that my support after hours would be strictly limited. After a few months of being pushed daily to stay late and miss appointments and parent events I find another job and have to attend an exit interview.)

Manager: “So, why are you leaving us?”

Me: “As explained from the start I have small children. I cannot stay late every day.”

Manager: “Well, this role requires extra hours.”

Me: “And I do all I can. I get in early and stay as late as possible. But that never seems to be enough.”

Manager: “It’s about flexibility; you need to show willingness.”

Me: *confused as this whole conversation is redundant* “Well. I did make this very clear at my interview.”

Manager: “Whatever. You’re leaving now. I suppose your new job is going to let you leave whenever you feel like it.”

Me: “I won’t be leaving when I feel like it. I will do my hours and leave on time.

Manager: “Well, don’t come back here in a few weeks, begging for your job back!”

(I had been nothing but a star employee. I didn’t say but this new job was not only closer to home and more reasonable but actually a promotion. A year later I’ve never looked back.)

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