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Overlooking One Serious Retail Detail

, , , , | Legal | May 15, 2021

My husband and two other family members are going fishing early in the morning. They stop by a convenience store to buy supplies and fishing licenses. My husband gets out of the car, walks up to the door, opens it, goes in, and starts looking around. The other two follow him in.

A short time later, a police car pulls up outside and the officer opens the door.

Officer: “Please set your things down and come outside.”

They comply.

Officer: “What are you doing here today?”

Husband: “We are going fishing and stopped to buy some supplies and our fishing licenses.”

About that time, the owner pulls up.

Owner: “How did you get into the store?!”

Husband: “I just opened the door and walked in.”

Apparently, whoever closed the store the night before didn’t lock the doors. When my husband pulled open the door, he set off an alarm that sent the police and the owner to the store!

About that time, the employee who was supposed to open up arrived at work. The owner believed my family’s story and allowed them to make their purchases. However, we don’t know what happened to the employee who forgot to lock up.

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