Overflowing Sentiment

| Romantic | May 2, 2012

(My girlfriend has just come to visit from her college. I make brownies in preparation for her arrival, but I forget to check if the brownies are properly baked.)

Girlfriend: “Ooh, I smell chocolate.”

Me: “Yep, I made brownies!”

Girlfriend: “Aww, that’s so sweet!”

Me: “I think they should have cooled off by now.”

(She goes into the kitchen, and I follow her. She tries to remove a brownie from the pan and the brownie collapses, leaking chocolate.)

Me: “Oopsie.”

Girlfriend: “Are brownies supposed to ooze?”

Me: “Sorry, I didn’t get a chance to check them before you got here.”

Girlfriend: “Even if you made chocolate lava cake by accident, that was very sweet of you.”

Me: “Are you going to eat it?”

Girlfriend: “Sure, why not? I mean, when am I going to be able to drink a brownie?”

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