Overage Overruled

, , , , | Working | September 4, 2019

(I am 23. I have recently moved to Colorado and haven’t yet switched my driver’s license, so I am still using my Wisconsin license. In Wisconsin, like Colorado, underage licenses are vertical while of-age licenses are horizontal. The big difference, though, is that in Wisconsin, your license doesn’t expire on your 21st birthday, like in Colorado. I haven’t had to get my new horizontal license yet. A coworker and her friend — both in their 30s — invite me to a bar for some live music. I meet up with them at my coworker’s house and she drives us. We go into the bar and order drinks.)

Bartender: “Licenses, please?”

(We all hand over our licenses.)

Bartender: *to me* “You’re underage; I won’t serve you. You need to get out.”

Me: “Um, what? I’m 23; I’m not underage.”

Bartender: “Your license is vertical! You are underage!”

Me: “It’s a Wisconsin license. I don’t have to get a new license yet. It’s valid!”

(At this point I just decided that I’d hang out and not drink, then, if the bartender was seriously going to be this difficult. But no, that wasn’t acceptable, either. She kicked me out of the bar! And that’s the story of the time I was kicked out of a bar for being underage… when I was 23. Since I didn’t have a vehicle, the girls had to leave with me and miss the live music. I felt terrible, but we went to a different bar where I was served with no problem. Some people!)

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