Outsourced And Out Of The Way

| Working | April 4, 2014

(I work for a company that recently laid off a large number of people from our creative department. We often have insane demands put upon us.)

Boss: “Why hasn’t this original illustration been finished yet?”

Me: “Well there are only two of us covering all of our clients’ projects right now. Things are going to take longer than usual.”

Boss: “Just send it to an outsourced artist.”

Me: “Actually, we owe all of the illustrators on our roster quite a bit of money at the moment. They won’t work with us on a new design until we pay them.”

Boss: “Well that’s not going to happen any time soon! Just find someone we’ve never worked with before to do it.”

Me: “And just increase the names of people we’re in debt to?”

Boss: “Yep!”

Me: “But—”

Boss: “You’re doing a great job. Talk to you later!”

(This is pretty much how we do business with everyone. No wonder they had to lay so many people off!)

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