Outlapped Your Thinking

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(I’m in eighth grade when my class gets a very young, inexperienced teacher. Since this is a small school, he teaches several of our classes. One of the classes he has to teach is PE. I do not like this teacher or gym class.)

Teacher: “All right, we’re doing volleyball today. I’ll break you into teams. Losing teams will run laps.”

Me: “Why do the losing teams have to run laps?”

Teacher: “Because it means they’re not trying hard enough.”

Me: “Even if both teams do their best, there will still be a loser. Why punish them for something out of their control?”

Teacher: “Go play with your team.”

(No one had to run laps. A few weeks later, my teacher brought it up at parent-teacher conferences. My parents told me that when he mentioned the incident, he said, “And the thing is… I can kind of see her point!”)

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