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Out To Get Some Tail

, | Related | May 9, 2016

(After searching long and hard for a male gerbil to try and bond with my current gerbil I finally find one. It’s quite a journey and a rescue worker ends up dropping him off at my cousin’s home where I will be later that day. This conversation takes place later that day.)

Cousin: “So what’re you going to do with it?”

Me: “It’s going to be friends with the other gerbil I have.”

Cousin: “Will they have babies?”

Me: “No, they’re both boys. It’s fine.”

Cousin: “Well, it’d be all right, anyway. All you have to do is pull its tail off.”

Me: “Wait, what?”

Cousin: “Yeah, it’s like with dogs. If you take their tails off they can’t have babies!”

(I’d like to say my cousin was a child, but no. She was 18 at the time.)

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