Out-Scamming The Scammer

| Working | March 26, 2014

(I get a phone call from a scammer, saying that my boyfriend and I just won a cruise trip to the Bahamas. I decide to play the game.)

Caller: ”Congratulations, miss! You and your boyfriend just won a one-week, all paid cruise trip to the Bahamas!”

Me: “Oh, my God, really? I can’t believe it! Oh my, I’m so excited!”

Caller: ”Isn’t it awesome? You’ll be enjoying a seven day, six night trip and you’ll get $500 for your personal needs, too!”

Me: ”Wow! I’ve never been on a trip before! It’s unbelievable!”

Caller: ”Now, in order to me to send you all the information about the trip, I’m gonna need a deposit of $500. It can be a transferred directly bank to bank, or your credit card number. And I can assure you that this is the faster way for you to have the tickets, ma’am!”

Me: ”Oh, but I don’t have that much money on my credit card. Well, can you just send me the information first to see what it looks like?”

Caller: ”We absolutely need a deposit as a proof that you are willing to get your price. It will be redeposited to your account right after the trip.”

Me: ”Yeah, but I don’t have a $500 on my credit card, and I don’t have that much money in my current account!”

Caller: ”Oh, that’s a problem. Well, can you at least transfer $300?’

Me: ”Nope. Not even close.”

Caller: ”We could accept a $200 deposit. Just for you, ma’am, because you’ve been a awesome customer!”

Me: ”Nah. I don’t even have a credit card first of all. I’m a poor college student. No money here, sorry.”

Caller: *clearly angry* ”WELL, your life seems f****** miserable!” *click*

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