Out Of State, Out Of Mind, Part 2

| Austin, TX, USA | Working | February 19, 2013

(I am from Illinois, and I go to visit friends in Austin, Texas. My friend and I attempt to buy a case of beer. We are both 23, so both of legal age to buy alcohol. The clerk asks to see our IDs.)

Clerk: “We can’t accept out of state IDs.”

Me: “Well, I have some other things with my name here, if that helps.”

(Note: Restaurants and such where I live will ask to see a credit card with your name just to compare a signature to the ID for verification.)

Clerk: “No, you’re going to be here you have to get a Texas ID.”

Me: “I don’t live here. I’m only here for the week.”

Clerk: “If you’re going to school here, you have to get proper ID.”

Me: “I don’t go to school here. I’m already finished with college. I’m just visiting.”

Clerk: “You students coming from out of state need to learn if you live here, you need to get ID!”

Me: “I’m not a student here. I live in Chicago. I’ll be going back there in a few days. I. Do. Not. Live. Here.”

Clerk: “You need to get a Texas ID if you’re going to be attending university here!”

(Realizing that we weren’t getting anywhere, my friend and I slowly back away. The clerk was still yelling as we were walking out the door.  We picked up some beer at the grocery store, where they didn’t have any such rule about not accepting valid out of state IDs.)


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