Out Of Line While Out Of The Line

, , , , | Right | June 8, 2018

(The register is backed up, so I am coming up to assist and open another register.)

Me: *looking the next customer directly in the eye, and gesturing for clarity* “I can take you over here.”

(Before the next customer can reach me, a male shopper in a suit runs over and darts in front of them, holding two shirts.)

Sharp-Dressed Man: *shoots me a smarmy smile* “Hi, yeah, I’ve just got these two items, so you can go ahead and ring me up real quick.”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but I’ve got to take the next person in line.”

Sharp-Dressed Man: *immediately furious* “Oh, really?! Is that the policy?!” *throws clothing item at me* “Well, fine, then. I won’t buy anything! I shop here all the time, and I’ve never been treated this way! I’d like to see your manager, now!

(I paged over a manager while he stepped to the side, glaring at me. I was shaking from the confrontation, but had to keep working as he stood nearby yelling at my manager about how much money he spends at our store and how horrible I was at my job, while she obsequiously said nothing but, “Yes, sir, sorry, sir, of course, sir.” I guess this is why it’s policy to physically escort the next person in line to your register.)

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