Out Of Control On Animal Control, Part 2

| Working | January 10, 2014

(I work at a major-chain hardware store, which has a problem with wild animals occasionally wandering in. Currently, a very persistent opossum has been troubling us. We’ve been catching it and letting it go behind the store, but the assistant manager has had enough.)

Me: “Sir, who is that?”

Manager: “Animal control. We’re getting that opossum out.”

Me: “He’s carrying a shovel and a bucket. How is he going to get the opossum out with that?”

Manager: “I don’t know, but I’m sure he knows what he’s doing.”

(The manager shows the animal control man where the opossum is. The man from animal control then tries to hit the opossum in the head with a shovel. I and several customers start voicing our protest and outrage as the poor animal runs away. The man from animal control swears and runs after it.)

Manager: “That is not a [Store] employee! That is not a [Store] employee!”


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