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Out In A Flash

| Working | April 18, 2014

(My husband and I are on our way home from his grandparents’ house on Christmas Day. We don’t get out that way very often, so we decide to stop at a popular adult bookstore along the way. Once we are there, my husband remembered that he had left his ID at home. We went in, hoping we wouldn’t get carded, as we’re both 22 and quite young looking. When we walked in, the only employee, a male around our age, walks up.)

Employee: “Can I see your IDs?”

(I pull mine out, and then gave a big smile to my husband.)

Me: “See you in a little bit!”

(The employee checks my ID, and then goes about his business. My husband returns to the car. I call the employee over for help, but he is kind of moody, and unwilling to help much. I then go up to pay. While he was trying to find the barcode for the shoes, I decided to break the somewhat awkward silence.)

Me: “Do you like working here?”

Employee: “It’s better some days than others… and I have to work on Christmas. The best part is that I see a lot of boobs.”

Me: “Oh?”

Employee: *smiles* “Yeah, girls like to flash me. Especially today, since I have to work on Christmas and all.”

(He looks down at me expectantly.)

Me: “That’s nice.”

(It is silent for a minute, before he bagged up my items. I hurriedly grab the bag, and turn to leave.)

Employee: *calls out* “Don’t you want to—”

(I wait until I get in the car and we are down the road before I tell my husband. His only response?)

Husband: “I told you that you were hot!”

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