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Out-Boxed And Out-Foxed

| Working | October 29, 2015

(In our stock room, we have a few ladies who are very quick at processing apparel so it can be put out on the sales floor. We have a transfer from a different store coming in and starting today who will also start working in the stockroom. This conversation takes place when I bring her back to meet everyone.)

Me: “So which stock task are you the most efficient at?”

Transfer: “Oh, I’m really good at apparel. I can do a whole box an hour!”

(I hesitate for a moment, because that’s actually really slow, both by company standards, and compared to the two ladies who usually process apparel in my store.)

Me: “Okay, well, I have two people on apparel today already, so—”

Transfer: “I bet you I’m faster than they are!”

Me: “[Employee #1] can hang two boxes an hour, most days, and [Employee #2] can usually do 2.5 or more.”

Transfer: *clearly disappointed* “But… but I’m REALLY good…”

Me: “Well, we’ll have these two work with you on a day when we don’t have so much to get through, but for now we need to focus on other tasks that you’re good at.”

Transfer: “But I’m the fastest apparel person at my old store!”

Me: “Well… you might be in time, here, but right now, these two are my fastest people. And if you can only do one box an hour, I’m going to stick with having them do apparel.”

(She threatened to quit, and later that day she called corporate. The district manager came in, and when she found out what *really* happened (the girl had lied to her) the transfer was written up, and since she was on her ‘final warning’ for other inappropriate behavior, she was fired.)

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