Our Resident Idiot

| Working | April 21, 2015

(We are dining room servers preparing for the dinner rush. Because the residents can be demanding and we are pressed for time I try to have their specific requests on the table by the time they sit down to eat. This has led to the residents feeling accustomed to this type of service, and my newer coworkers somehow being under the impression that I am the only one qualified to serve things such as salad and wine. It is ten minutes into the dinner when my coworker approaches me for this conversation.)

Coworker: “Hey, [Resident] says you forgot his wine. How do I give it to him?”

Me: “Oops. There are glasses in the back of the kitchen, and wine is in that cooler.” *points*

Coworker: *blank stare* “Okay?”

(He doesn’t move, and appears to be waiting for further instructions.)

Me: “Go get a glass and pour in the wine. Serve the resident.”

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