Our Cameras Have $20/$20 Vision

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Customer: “Hey, do you sell [Cigarettes] by the carton?”

Me: “Certainly, although we keep the cartons in the back. If I can see your ID, I can go grab one for you.”

(The customer shows me his ID, everything checks out, and I lock my register so I can momentarily leave it and grab the requested carton from the stockroom. When I come back, however, the customer is furiously searching my register area, leaning over to look behind the counter, and then turning to glare at me.)

Customer: “Did you take the $20s I put down on the counter?”

Me: “Me? No, I didn’t, sir!”

Customer: “I slapped three $20s down for those cigarettes, and now they’re gone! I think you stole them!”

(While I have no idea what happened during the short moment that I was in the back, I am certain no money was handed over beforehand.)

Customer: “Open the register! I want to see all the $20s that are in there!”

Me: “Sir, I’m sorry but can’t do that without doing a transaction.”

Customer: “You mean you can’t because you f****** stole those $20s! I can’t believe this!”

Me: “Sir, I promise you, hand to God, I did not. It would make no sense for me to take money from you before I got you your product.”

Customer: “Call the manager! NOW!”

Me: “Certainly, sir. We’ll also review the camera footage to see if perhaps the money might have slipped off the counter.”

Customer: “Camera footage?”

(I nod and point to the iconic black sphere in the ceiling overhead. The customer looks up.)

Customer: “But… he told me those were fake. Motherf****** son of a c***, he told me those were fake!”

Me: “Who told you that?”

Customer: “That little s*** that was working last week! Black hair, pale-a** skin, face so ugly you want to punch it?”

Me: “Uh… Are you referring to my coworker that does the morning shifts?”

Customer: “Yeah, him! He said you’re too broke to afford real cameras, so you just put a bunch of plastic crap up there to fake it!”

Me: “Well, we’re going to have to have a talk with him. However, yes, our cameras work, and if you’re missing money we’ll be happy to use them to try and find out what happened.”

Customer: “Nah, f*** you and your store! You just ruined my entire day!”

(He stormed out, leaving me to call my manager on his lunch break and detail what happened. My manager had to have a long talk with my coworker, who tried to cover himself by saying he was trying to trick the customer so we could catch him and have him arrested. Whether this was true or not, my manager still felt it was more prudent to give him a warning, which then turned into a firing when the coworker was later caught slipping a bottle of whiskey into a cute girl’s bag because she said she didn’t have enough money to pay for it.)

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