Origa-Me And You

| Romantic | April 7, 2012

(I am trying to make some difficult origami flowers for my girlfriend, but mess them up so bad I throw them in the trash. I buy her real flowers instead.)

Girlfriend: “Hey, what is this mess in the trash?”

Me: “Nothing.”

(She takes them out anyway, ignoring me trying to throw them back in.)

Girlfriend: “Are these supposed to be flowers?”

Me: “Um, they’re ugly. Throw them out.”

Girlfriend: “You were making these for me, weren’t you?”

Me: “I got you real ones instead. They look way nicer.”

Girlfriend: “But I want these too!”

(It’s 2 years later, and she still keeps those flowers. I had since learned to make better ones, but she hasn’t thrown away the original bunch.)

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