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(It is a slow afternoon at the bookstore when an older lady comes into the store looking for a specific cookbook. A coworker and I are both behind the counter, ready to look it up for her.)

Customer: “I’m looking for a cookbook. I don’t know the name. It’s old. A lady at church has it and she refuses to give it to me!”

Me: “Can you describe it at all? Is it something like a Betty Crocker cookbook?”

Customer: “Nah, this lady at church, she makes such great things out of it but she won’t let me have the book!”

Me: “Well, without a name, I can’t really help you; there are so many cookbooks. You can take a look through our cookbook section if you’d like.”

Customer: “No, you know what it is. It’s old; it has a lot of plain food in it. You know, before stuff like oregano was invented. Just salt and pepper!”

([Coworker] and I just look at her, not sure what to say.)

Customer: “Are you sure you don’t know what cookbook I’m talking about?”

Me: “I think your best bet is to talk to the lady at church and ask her what it is, and if we don’t have it in stock we may be able to order it for you.”

Customer: “Okay, but I don’t want none of that oregano stuff. Just good ol’ plain cooking.”

(My coworker and I just stared at each other as she left, wondering what the heck she was talking about. We never saw her again, so maybe the old lady at church gave it to her after all!)

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