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Ordered Some Whiskey With Some Tango Foxtrot

, , , | Right | May 1, 2020

I am having a drink with a friend when a woman comes in and orders pasta, a beer, and a whiskey. When she receives the bill, she begins arguing about it. I can’t catch everything, but among other complaints, she is saying she hasn’t had the whiskey, which is still in plain sight on the table. This goes on for five or ten minutes, during which the waitress also has to take care of other customers, and she ends up saying:

Waitress: “Please, be nice. Just pay and leave. I already didn’t charge you for your food.”

I go to the bathroom; when I come back, the woman is gone. My friend tells me she clearly had no money so they just let her go. When the waitress brings us our bill, I pay and add 5€; we normally don’t tip in Belgium.

Me: “That’s for keeping your cool and actually smiling to every single customer, despite that.”

I point to the table where the woman had been sitting.

Waitress: “Thank you very much! This is really helpful!”

My Friend: “But your boss is not going to take her bill from your paycheck, is he?”

Waitress: “Yes, he is. That’s why your tip is really appreciated! Thanks again!”

Later that day, I thought about what had happened and regretted that I didn’t give her 11€ or 12€ more to cover the woman’s bill, which was a bit more than 16€.

Without Not Always Right, I would probably have thought, “D***ed customer, it must be unbearable sometimes to do that job!” and that would have been all. I wouldn’t have done anything.

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