Or, That Politicians Lie

| Learning | June 26, 2013

(It is the first day of Political Theory class, and someone walks into the room.)

Person #1: “Hello class, welcome to Intro to Political Theory. I am your instructor—”

(At this point, another person runs into the room.)

Person #2: “Who the heck are you? I’m the instructor!”

Person #1: “No, I’m [instructor’s name].”

Person #2: “No, that’s most definitely me. Let me teach my class and get out of here. Class, help me out.”

Person #1: “No, help me out or you all fail. Because I’m the real instructor.”

Student #1: “Let’s take a vote.”

Person #2: “Does that seem fair?”

Student #2: “If you’re going to each declare yourselves to be the instructor, then I declare myself to be the instructor as well!”

Person #2: “You can’t do that! I’m the instructor.”

Person #1: “No I am.”

Person #2: “Class, what do you think?”

(This goes on for a few more minutes before they fess up to what’s happening.)

Person #1: “He’s the real instructor. I’m someone else from the department. He’ll explain what’s going on.”

Person #2: “So the first rule of political theory is to always question everything. This was to make sure you realize that. Now, here’s the syllabus.”

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