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“Or Do You Mean That It Is A Good Morning Whether I Want It Or Not?”

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I try to say good morning to everyone. Some people get funny with you if you don’t, so it’s a bit of a habit nowadays.

[Coworker] moved into the office a while ago, but I’ve never really spoken to him before. He doesn’t seem to speak to anyone. He seems to be on much earlier now.

Me: “Good morning.”

Coworker: “What’s so good about it?”

Me: “Okay, just ‘morning,’ then?”

Coworker: “Well done! It is, in fact, the morning. I can see why they hired you.”

Wow, what an a**. I put it down to a bad day. The next morning

Me: “Good morning, all. Morning, [Coworker].”

Coworker: “This again?”

Me: “This? You mean being pleasant to each other?”

[Coworker] grumbles something and refuses to talk to me, hold doors for me, etc. Its pretty annoying. The next morning:

Me: “Good morning, everyone. Oh, and a big special f*** you to [Coworker].”

[Coworker] starts to laugh, and then he laughs harder.

Coworker: “Now, that’s better! I can’t stand stupid pleasantries.”

And just like that, he was much better. I wouldn’t wish him a good morning but we would talk and get along.

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