Option 1 For Me, 2 For Myself, And 3 For I

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(On weekend night shift there are usually three agents. But on this night, one is on scheduled vacation and the other one called off the day before because he got sick. Unfortunately no-one is able to take over for him so I am alone.)

Caller: “I called before and I think I talked with you. I want somebody else to help me.”

Me: “Oh, are you [Caller]? What is happening now? Maybe I can help you.”

Caller: “I don’t think so. Just transfer me to somebody else.”

Me: “Unfortunately, I cannot do it. I’m alone today.”

Caller: “I don’t want your excuses. Just transfer me.”

Me: “I would but there is no-one else.”

Caller: “I will just call back and I will get somebody else”

Me: “Good luck, sir. But for next ten hours it is me or no-one.”

Caller: *click*

(Surprisingly he didn’t call back on that night.)

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  • ThrowingPancakes

    No no no, OP, you’re not supposed to use words like “surprisingly”! You’re supposed to misuse “needless to say” like half of the other stories on this site!

    • Kirishima Touka

      Needless to say, that was surprisingly on point.

      • sacke5

        Needless to say, you too are spot on.

    • Vira Vandom

      Fairly sure the editors do that for consistency.

      I assume that they want to make an illusion that all the stories are told by the same person, unless specific details are mentioned.

      • Siirenias

        Makes me think of Florida Man

    • naj00

      And don’t forget a hearty helping of “flabbergasted,” and “shocked”! You can’t express your amazement without ’em!

  • Rob Tonka

    How bad at your job do you have to be to post a NAR story that highlights how badly a customer does not want to deal with you?

    • Mushroom

      In this case, it’s not that one is bad at their job — it’s that they’re actually doing their job and the customer can’t handle not getting their way. 🙂

      • Rob Tonka

        THe customer can’t get their way in that there is no one else to talk to, but why does the customer not want to deal with THIS person again?

        • Shauna Mac Siacais Guell

          Most likely, the customer had been told no about something and didn’t like it.

        • Katrin Schirmer

          perhaps the customer didn’t like the answer they got the last time they called, and threw a hissy fit. i have read enough of these stories to know some customers do that. they want a magic solution that isn’t available, especially at night, or possibly at all,

        • NessaTameamea

          It might even be that whatever advise was given the last time didn’t work, but it could be the caller at fault for not following the advise correctly or not explaining their problem well enough.

        • Donnell Hanog

          Refuse to do something corporate policy expressly prohibits and the system put in by corporate was specifically programmed to disallow would be my bet. Customers don’t like hearing that ‘the help’ can’t do something, or that their refund/discount/scam/freebies aren’t possible.

      • Richard Da Bunny

        Or it’s possible the OP just had an accent the customer didn’t like.

    • Kathy Plester

      It is quite possible OP is good at their job, but the customer didn’t get what they want, or OP told them to do something but they didn’t want to, or they did it wrong but they still see that as OP’s fault. It’s not very clear what it is OP does – like maybe it’s technical support or something? I have lost count of the amount of times I have told customers stuff they don’t like (such as ‘No, I cannot write off all your debt), they have hung up and tried to get through to somebody else, but they get through to me and demand I put them through to somebody else because I won’t do what they want me to, and because of that they think I suck at my job because to them my job is bending over backwards for them and doing whatever they want no matter how unreasonable.

      It might even be they don’t think OP ‘sounds’ like somebody who can do
      the job. This is more common than you think (or rather, would hope). I once had a woman refuse to deal with me because I sounded
      too ‘ethnic’. Please note, as you can probably see from my picture, I
      am white, and I am British.

      Or it might OP is bad at their job – it’s very hard to tell given we don’t know what job they do, what the problem was before, and what happened or even why the customers wants somebody else. There are all kinds of reason they might, some that would mean OP sucks at their job and some that are just because the customer sucks.

      OP – if you are about, a little more info would be useful.

    • Kali Ravel

      I’ve had a similar situation happen on a day with only 2-3 agents on (rather than 15-20) and only 1 manager. This customer kept calling and calling and spoke to all of us at least twice. She asked for the manager, and I said, “Okay, but it will be the same one we’ve been consulting who has already said no three times”.

    • grmrsan

      Or it could actually be that they’ve talked to this person before and he f’ed everything up so bad it took hours/days to fix. That has happened to me more than once. Sone people really suck at thier jobs.

  • Mushroom

    Sounds like the third time you said it, he paid attention. Or the phrasing was clear enough, “I am all you will get for the next 10 hours.” So he wasn’t so dim afterall! But I bet he hit the other shift pretty hard.

  • Katrin Schirmer

    omg if this wasn’t in New York i would swear this was my husband! he works nights and weekends and there are 2 days in which he is usually alone for most of his shift, and there are like a couple others who work on the other days with him. seriously eerily similar.
    1. he works nights weekends
    2. he works 4 10 hour shifts
    3, on nights he isn’t already alone there are 3 agents counting him.

  • Angel_C

    No one.

    Not “no-one”, not “noone”. No one.

    • Richard Da Bunny


      • Jake

        Not nohow

        • Hahn Ackles

          “Nobody is my name. My father and mother call me Nobody, as do all of my companions.”

  • Deadpool

    Should have put him on hold then taken him off and talked in a thick, Russian accent.

    • Richard Da Bunny

      I was thinking an Indian dialect but that works better.

      • NessaTameamea

        I would try a different name without changing my voice at all and see if the caller realises. If he does, the next round would be a name of the opposite gender, still with the same voice.

  • Kirishima Touka

    “I don’t want your excuses. Just transfer me.”

    This is the part where you put him on hold and forget about him.

    • Mechwarrior

      And make sure that “The Girl From Ipanema” is playing on the hold music.

  • Um…. Constantly demanding something doesn’t mean it’ll magically happen.

  • 白大福

    Good for you…
    Imagine you work in a hotel and got hundred of calls, and some guy shows up and say I called you before and expects you know who he is.

  • Preston Garvey

    One person doing all the work with little to no reward? You’re a perfect candidate for the Minutemen.

  • That was a close call.

  • Vedant Pratap Singh Jadon

    Or.. what if he did call back and you’re NOT the only caller?
    *phone rings and stops on its own*
    *leaves ruffle*
    *someone gasps*