Oppressive Obsessive

| Friendly | January 6, 2017

(I am on a train in the afternoon, not quite rush hour, but busy enough for no seats to be open in my car. I stand holding onto the pole in the center of the doorway. To the right side of the door, a black male is reading a book. To the left railing, a white female is standing. At one stop, an Asian female, grabs the railing to the left, behind the white female. At which the following occurs…)

White Female: *condescendingly and rudely* “Can you not stand so close to me?! You’re invading my bubble!”

(I raise an eyebrow at the situation, but move to the right of the central pole to make room for the Asian female. At this point, the black male speaks up.)

Black Male: “You didn’t need to be so rude to the young lady.”

White Female: *absolutely livid at this point* “How dare you threaten ME, a female! You are oppressing me because I am a female, and you are a man!” *continues ranting along those lines, repeating about being oppressed and threatened by a man*

(At this point, everyone is just in shock and the car is very still. The crazy lady then uses the intercom which happens to be on her side to call the conductor.)

White Female: “Help! This black man is oppressing me!”

(At this point, a few people including myself had gotten over our shock and were protesting into the intercom. One male freed his seat to give it to the hysterical lady, and he explained to the concerned conductor the situation over the intercom. I had to get off a couple stops later, but throughout the trip, the lady was still protesting about being a female threatened by a black man. I still don’t know if she was just extremely racist or there was something psychologically wrong with her…)

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