Opposing Opposable Finger Stereotypes

| Related | May 8, 2013

(My mom and I are visiting my grandmother for a few days. We help her make dinner, and sit down to eat. I can’t help noticing how she watches how I hold my fork.)

Grandmother: “I am so glad you don’t hold your fork like your brother!”

(My brother holds his fork with an outstretched pinky finger.)

Me: “What do you mean? Oh, the whole pinky thing? Yeah, I guess it’s a little weird.”

Grandmother: “Yes! I’m worried that when he does it, people will think he’s queer!”

(There is an awkward silence. I put down my fork.)

Me: “Um… what?”

Grandmother: “Queer! You know… gay!”

Mother: “We know what queer means, mother!”

(My mother and I were pretty weirded out by that statement. The kicker? I came out as a lesbian a couple of years after my grandmother’s passing, and I sure didn’t hold my fork the ‘queer’ way!)

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