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An Open And Closed Case Of Awesome

, , , , | Working | December 29, 2017

(A friend and I are getting dinner at a popular fast food restaurant after a movie. As we are walking in…)

Worker: “I can’t believe this. What is it with the morning people that think they can do this? It’s all a mess!” *he notices me* “Sorry, what can I get for you?”

Me: *jokingly* “Oh, yes, the morning people hate the evening people and the openers can’t stand the closers; it’s always the way of things! We get it!”

Worker: *stares at me for a second* “Worked here?”

Me: “Five years ago, yep.”

Worker: “Haha, nice. What can I get you?”

Me: *orders*

Worker: “I’ll have that right out.”

(As the tray gets filled up, I notice a discrepancy.)

Me: “Um, we paid for medium fries and drinks and these appear to be larges.”

Worker: “I know.”

Me: “Ah… Thanks!”

(We head over to the table and start eating. About halfway through our meal, the worker comes around again, this time with ice cream in a cup, with brownie crumbs spread over the top.)

Me: “Is this even on the menu?”

Worker: “Nope! Enjoy!”

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