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Ooh, She’s A Devious One

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I’m a twenty-year-old woman, and I’m currently dating a rather sweet guy — also twenty-one — and we’re thinking of taking things to the next level. As such, he’s invited me to come back to his hometown and meet his family.

I’ve met a few of his relatives before, like his maternal cousins or his older siblings, but given how large his family is, that’s not a lot.

We get off at a train station, where his grandma and aunt will be picking us up to drive the rest of the way to his parents’ hometown.

[Aunt] is essentially the bane of [Boyfriend]’s existence. He spends most of the ride — good-naturedly — grumbling about her. I’ll sum up his complaints into three things: blackmail, mischievous prankster, and always get away with everything. He also warns me to never tell [Aunt] that he said any of that because she’ll definitely take revenge.

We get to the station and I go to buy coffee when I get stopped by a girl who looks around fourteen or fifteen.

Girl: “Hi, are you [My Name]?”

Me: “Ah, yes.”

I notice her hair and eyes, which are the same as my boyfriend’s older brother’s.

Me: “Are you [Boyfriend]’s younger sister? Uh, [Younger Sister], was it?”

Girl: “Close enough. So where is [Boyfriend], anyway?”

Me: “Let me buy some coffee and then I’ll bring you to him.”

We start up some small talk while waiting in line, and we basically become friends. She brings up [Aunt] and I share with her my boyfriend’s complaints about her, with which she commiserates.

Afterward, we go find [Boyfriend], who’s talking to a middle-aged woman who looks exactly like [Girl].

Me: “Hi there, [Aunt]. I’m [My Name]. It’s so nice to finally meet you.”

Both of them suddenly look at each other, seemingly surprised.

Boyfriend: *Horrified* “Oh, no.”

Woman: “Dear, I’m not [Aunt]. I’m [Boyfriend]’s grandmother.”

I blink in surprise.

Me: “Wait, if you’re the grandmother, then…”

Girl: “Hi, I’m [Aunt]! Nice to meet you!”

She turns to face [Boyfriend], who’s rapidly paling.

Girl: “She’s told me everything.”

Boyfriend: “You told her?!”

Me: “You didn’t tell me that she was younger than you were!”

I don’t think [Boyfriend] ever forgave me for that. But in my defence, the word “aunt” conjures up an image of a middle-aged woman, not a fifteen-year-old teenager.

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