Ooh, Baby, I’m In Love!

, , , | Friendly | December 6, 2020

I’m a female military veteran with minor hearing loss. It’s not bad enough that I need a hearing aid, but if there’s a lot of surrounding noise and you’re far away speaking quietly, I won’t pick it up. One day, I’m walking back from the library and I get to the stretch of road before I make a turn. On the other side is a man, who I think is speaking into a phone.

Man: “Uricerest.”

Between his accent and being on the other side of the road, I think I just can’t understand him, and anyway, it’s not my business as he’s on the phone. I keep walking, and then he speaks again.

Man: “Uricerest!”

Again, I think he’s on the phone, and this is all just ambient noise to me. I get to the corner and turn down the street when suddenly, I hear someone shout.


At this point, I was well around the corner and when I turned around, I couldn’t see anyone, so I assumed he was yelling at someone on his phone. I got home and started puttering around when my brain clicked and I realized he was cat-calling me, saying, “You got nice breasts.” And he got pissed because I ignored his compliment (in his mind). All I could do was laugh for about five minutes.

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