Only Wants The Salt Of The Earth

| Right | April 20, 2017

Customer: “Excuse me, miss, do you have organic baking soda?”

Me: “Well, all of our baking soda is in the baking ingredients aisle, so if we have the baking soda you’re looking for it would be over here.”

(I walk over with her to that section and scrutinize the shelf, which you’d think I’d know by heart by now, considering I face it every night. There is only single option for baking soda to minimize shelf space, which is labeled “pure baking soda.”)

Me: “Okay, it looks like all we have is this one. But it’s a good amount for the price.”

Customer: “Is it organic?”

Me: “It isn’t organic certified. But all baking soda is just sodium bicarbonate, or a sodium particle bonded with two carbon molecules, so it’s basically all the same.”

Customer: “So it isn’t organic?”

Me: “The term really isn’t applicable to baking soda. It’s a basic mineral, not an agricultural product; therefore it can’t be GMO or treated with pesticides. A mineral technically isn’t an organic material at all.”

Customer: “Well, I can get organic baking soda in [Other State].”

Me: “Sure, they might put that on the box and have it certified organic, but what you’re buying is fundamentally the same thing. It’s like how there are apple products that don’t say gluten free, even though there’s no such thing as an apple that contains gluten. Do you follow?”

Customer: *stares at me for a moment* “I guess I’ll just wait until I get home. I don’t want to buy anything that isn’t organic.”

(I resisted the urge to explain the difference between organisms and rock, then just smiled and walked away.)

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