Only Thing “Expecting” Is A New-Born Fury

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(I’m about to meet my new boyfriend’s family for the first time. He tells me that his sister can appear a bit blunt sometimes but she doesn’t mean it that way. “She’s really a darling!” Also worthy of mentioning is that I decided to remain childless.)

Boyfriend’s Sister: “Ah, so, you are my little brother’s new girlfriend, are you? Well, my daughter has a question for you.” *to her daughter* “Don’t you, sweetie?”

Daughter: “Um… yeah… Can I have a little niece?”

(The sister looks at me expectantly with a gaze as if she would skin me alive if I dared to give a wrong answer.)

Me: “Sorry, kiddo. But I’m not going to have any children.”

Boyfriend’s Sister: “Well, isn’t that charming?! You just crushed a little nine-year-old girl’s hopes and dreams! How do you feel about that?”

(She laughed as if it was a better joke than it was but her eyes were shooting daggers. I decided to keep a polite distance from her and avoid any deep conversational topics. What a way to meet the family.)

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