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Only They Can Decide What Track Their Life Is On

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I drive passenger trains for a living. One day before departure, when I was leaving the driver compartment to fetch a cup of tea, an older female passenger stopped me.

Passenger: “Excuse me. Do we have to buy our tickets in advance, or can we do it on the train?”

Me: “On the train is fine as long as you can pay by card or [Mobile Application].”

Passenger: “Great. Can I pay now?”

Me: “No, sorry, I’m just the driver. My colleague will come by later after we depart.”

Passenger: “A female train driver? That’s so great! If I was younger, I would become a female train driver.”

She kept talking about how great it was for a few minutes but ended with:

Passenger: “I keep telling my grandchildren that they should become female train drivers.”

Passenger’s Grandson: “It doesn’t matter how much you say it, Grandma. I can’t be a female train driver.”

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