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Only The Best For Our Fur Babies!

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We have a community of stray/yard cats that has settled into equilibrium now — all the ones friendly enough to let us see them have been fixed — but when this happens, one of them has recently had kittens. We want to raise the kittens as pets, not strays, so when their mom weans them, we start feeding them canned cat food.

Mom has bought a variety of food, including some pricier stuff than usual, to tempt their appetites. My foster brother is helping Mom and me serve it up.

Mom: “What should we give them tonight?”

My brother looks through the pantry.

Brother: “We have tuna, salmon, venison— Wait a second!”

He holds up a can.

Brother: “This is pheasant! For cats? Seriously? I’ve never had pheasant!”

As he’s talking, he puts the can down. I pick it up and hold it out to him.

Me: “Want some?”

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