Only In Receipt Of His Aggression  

, , , | Right | November 26, 2019

(I work as a part-time cashier for a thrift shop. A customer is acting irrationally, yelling and screaming, and running into our employees-only area. He starts swearing and saying he bought a bike and that we need to give it to him. With no proof and with his behavior, we have to call the manager to get him to leave. He leaves. Hours pass. We’re about to close and he comes back in.)

Me: *while calling my manager* “Sir, we are closed. I have to close the front door so you’ll have to leave.”

Irate Customer: “You can’t tell me what to f****** do! I bought this f****** bike and you need to give it to me! This is bulls***!”

Me: *now furiously paging for my manager* “I’m sorry, sir, but you have no proof that you purchased a bike, and you need to calm down and leave as we’re closing.”

Irate Customer: “I’ve got receipts right here, you stupid b****. Now give me my bike! This is bulls***! You owe me a f****** bike, b****!”

(While he’s shouting at me, I can see my female manager and my male donations closer coming to the front. I’ve stepped away from my register and I’m behind the counter so he can’t get to me.)

Manager: “Sir, you need to leave. We are closed and I told you to leave before. All of your receipts are too old for a purchase you made today, and I can’t let you take something I don’t know you bought.”

(He finally leaves, but stays right outside the doors and continues shouting and throwing stuff around at the doors and the few customers walking to their cars.)

Manager: “[My Name], call the police.”

(I call the police and my coworker runs out to get our carts from the parking lot. The cops arrive and take down our statements but don’t arrest the man.)

Cop #1: “Okay, so, here’s your copy of our report. We’re not arresting him since he didn’t break any laws.”

Me: “He was threatening me and being violent while blatantly trespassing.”

Cop #2: “Look. We’ll get him to leave, and if you see him here again he’ll do jail time. It’s his third time having cops called on him. I’ll stay here and make sure y’all get out safely.”

(We finally lock up and I turn to my coworker while my manager starts closing the till.)

Me: “Can I get hazard pay now?”

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