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Only Getting A Middle(Earth) Grade

| Learning | February 17, 2017

(After getting back the results of an exam, a classmate — who is already infamous for cheating — asks our teacher to come to his desk. They talk privately but since most of the other students already know what the topic of the conversation will be, they stay quiet and listen.)

Student #1: “Mrs. [Teacher], why did I get an ‘F’ on my exam? I’m pretty sure I should have at least a ‘C’ or a ‘B’!”

Teacher: “Why do you think that?”

Student #1: “Well, because… I learned together with [Student #2] for the exam and he has a ‘B.’ If his answers are right, mine should be, too!”

Student #2: *loudly from behind* “Nonsense! We didn’t learn together! You copied my answers!”

Student #1: “Well, then shouldn’t I have the same grade as you?”

Student #3: *laughing* “Not if he lets you copy his answers, then erases them and writes down the right answers while you are writing.”

Teacher: “Yep, [Classmate] is right! By the way: Santa Claus did not lead the first North Pole expedition, and its territory is not divided between Gondor, Mordor, Valinor, Numenor, and Fartland. At least try reading what you copy!”

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