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Only Fools Russian

| Working | July 9, 2015

(I am helping a group of teenagers in one part of the store. They want to look at a different department, and they are looking to spend hundreds each, so I make sure to call ahead on the walkie.)

Me: “Heads up, [Department]. There’s going to be some Russian customers coming over to look at [Product].”

Coworker: “Okay, sounds good.”

Manager: “[My Name], don’t say that. That’s offensive.”

Me: “What is?”

Manager: “Russian!”

Me: “I’m sorry. They are from Russia; I was just describing them.”

Manager: “But you can’t just call people Russian! What if they get offended?”

Me: “They are Russian. They are speaking Russian to each other, which I know because I speak a little Russian. Their jackets say ‘Russia’ on the back.”

Manager: “Yes, but…”

Me: “And they are part of Russia’s national under-21 hockey team. I don’t think anyone could be prouder to be Russian.”

Manager: “Well, don’t do it any more.”

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