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Only Engineering Confusion

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(I am staying with my parents while looking for a new job. I’ve finished another day of looking for positions and sending applications and am ready to kick back and relax, when my mom comes over to me.)

Mom: “I think I’ve found a job for you. Go to this website.”

(She shows me a piece of paper on which she’s written a URL. I navigate to it and read the listing.)

Me: “Mom… this is a civil engineering position.”

Mom: “Yeah, so?”

Me: “I majored in computer engineering. I can’t apply for this.”

Mom: “Why not? It’s an engineering job. It shouldn’t be too different.”

Me: “Look at the description. They want someone who can design and maintain roadways. I’m good at designing and maintaining computer systems. I’d have to learn from scratch.”

Mom: “What were you doing in college, then?!”

(My mom gets up and walks away.)

Mom: “It’s all engineering! You should be able to do that!”

(I didn’t apply for the civil engineering position. Thankfully, I managed to find a job within my field of study, and my mom dropped the matter.)

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